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We show you how it's done, live from our showroom in Freiburg

We have every point-of-sale system set up and ready for use in our showroom. Thanks to various video cameras and the accompaniment of one of our sales specialists on site, your whole team can enjoy a demonstration, completely free of charge.

Experience Smartfit in action!

For more than 20 years, we have been answering the question of the perfect frame size when buying a bicycle. With our e-commerce and in-store solutions, we are improving people's shopping experiences thanks to constantly growing data and a smart algorithm.

Smartfit products are standard when buying a bike

  • Online we provide data from more than 100,000 bicycles and more are added every day
  • Our algorithm learns daily from bike fittings and sizings worldwide
  • Smartfit measurement systems generate up to 10% more sales in stationary retail, returns decrease by 24%
  • Our market share in Europe is at 74% today - almost everyone has used Smartfit

Impress as a sizing expert. The AI-based technology for biomechanical pose detection will do the work for you. Only sell bikes that fit your customers' individual bodies and are ergonomically optimized. The integrated software uses a scientific algorithm and the largest database to immediately calculate the right model size and the best ergonomic riding position.

Andreas Bruch
Head of R&D

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