The sizing solution for every type of bike

From city pedelec to gravel bike, we answer the question of the right frame size and if not available we're able to find the perfect alternative from your store!

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Online Sizing

With only a few specifications in just a few seconds to the perfect frame size. Reliable and simple!

Recommendation Engine

High quality selection of immediately available and suitable alternatives when frame size is not available, everyone will find a fitting bike.

Kids Sizing

In less than seven seconds, with two specifications reliably to the perfect size for children's bikes.

Geometry Display

All relevant data and dimensions, quickly available, complete and clearly prepared.

Ski Sizing

With only a few specifications in just a few seconds to the perfect ski size. Reliable and simple!

All features at a glance

  • Basic

    • Online Sizing

      • Calculation of the perfect frame size
      • Flexible integration into your store
      • Color scheme easily customizable
      • Body data available again at next sizing
    • Kids Sizing

      • Perfect fit result in just seven seconds
      • With certainty the right size
      • Body data available again at next sizing
      • Fewer returns
  • Advanced

    • Recommendation Engine

      • Store availability directly from your Shopping feed
      • Calculation of suitable alternatives
      • Linking to alternatives in your store
      • Fewer abandoned shopping carts
    • Geometry Display

      • Shows geometry data of bike models from your store
      • No manual, time-consuming maintenance
      • Data always up to date and correct

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