Smartfit exceeds expectations

Sure, that's a bold statement, but honestly, the numbers and figures speak for our online sizing, no matter how you approach it!

Just like last year, our online sizing contributed to sales in the seven-figure range during Black Week and Black Friday. Additional excitement was created through lowering the amount of returns by up to 30%, with customers using our tool.

The conversions generated by our tool at a large online store on Black Friday, 27.11.2023, were absolutely impressive and well above expectations:

  • 2,538Sizing
  • ~4%Conversions
  • 412Saved Shopping Carts
  • €129,392Revenue bike total
  • €43,816Revenue bike with sizing
  • 34%Market Share

Onlinesizings around Black Friday

See for yourself and try it straight away!

Over the past few months, we have invested a lot in improving our online sizing tools and are extremely pleased with the great results. The fact is that we can show with reliable and quantifiable data that sizing is essential for online bike purchases, not only to increase conversion rate and lower returns.

The ability to choose the perfect size when buying a bike creates confidence and security for buyers, while authenticating the online experience and the sale.

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