Jonas Skalitz from Sports and Train Magdeburg

After his internship at Radlabor, he now works successfully as a coach in his own studio in Magdeburg.

In addition to training planning, nutritional advice and diagnostics, Jonas also offers bike fittings, for which he uses a Smartfit Q5. He took the time to answer our questions about himself and his work.

Jonas Story

Hello, my name is Jonas Skalitz. My passion is endurance sports with all its aspects. Cycling has been a particular interest of mine in the past, which is why I am also active in the sport myself.

Since 2021, I have also been working for the "Landesverband Radsport-Sachsen-Anhalt" as a coach and completed my training as a DOSB licensed trainer for racing/competitive sports. I am responsible for the discipline of mountain biking and supervise young athletes in their training and performance development. Based on this passion, I have been working as a service provider for bike fitting, coaching, diagnostics and nutritional advice under the label "Sports and Train" in Magdeburg since January 2023.

Jonas Skalitz

When it comes to bike fitting, I rely on "Smartfit technology". As part of my degree in sports science, I took the opportunity to complete my specialist internship at the Radlabor in Freiburg, as I had already developed a great interest in the subject during my studies.

During my seven-week internship, I was able to get to know the Smartfit system under the guidance of laboratory manager Tanja Willersinn and also work actively with customers. I made the best possible use of this time to learn all the details about the system first-hand and to test it extensively myself.
After finishing my studies, I decided to set up "Sports and Train" and, due to my positive previous experience, very consciously chose the Smartfit Q5 for bike fitting.

After a year of working with the system, I am still a convinced user. I use the Q5 mainly for bike fitting with customers in order to achieve the best possible results. I have also had consistently good experiences with the "sizing" function and offer this as part of a pre-purchase consultation. Many of the customers were positively surprised at how reliably the system selects the ideal bike models based on the respective body data.

As a bike fitter, it also helps me immensely if I can rely on the system's specifications during the fitting and thus achieve a good result at the end of the fitting process. Because at the end of the day, this must be the goal - a bike with the best possible fit and satisfied customers.

We are delighted that Jonas has taken the time to talk about himself, his studio and his work with the Smartfit Q5. Anyone interested can visit Jonas in Magdeburg. In addition to ergonomics advice, Jonas also offers training plans and nutritional advice, as well as the occasional opportunity to book a joint training camp.

His studio is located at Keplerstraße 3 in Magdeburg and is definitely worth a visit.


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