Thomas Fuhr from Zweirad Fuhr in Sinzheim

Thomas and his team always do a sizing for every bike sale on his 600m² sales floor. With the help of his Smartfit Q4, he manages to successfully compete with competitors and online stores.

What is your challenge on the sales floor?
We want to impress our customers with our service in order to set ourselves apart from our competitors and the online retail sector. The customer should experience added value in our store that they wouldn't otherwise get.

How did Smartfit help?
With the Smartfit Q4, we ensure that our employees can back up their individual recommendations with a neutral advice tool. This gives customers the certainty that they are getting the best bike for their needs.

What have you achieved with Smartfit?
With Smartfit, we achieve security on two levels: Both in consulting and with the customer. Discounts are no longer a big issue, and we were able to increase our gross profit by 3% over the year. Our regular customers actively recommend us because of our Smartfit Q4.