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Lisa Schrankl

For me, skiing is about fun, of course, but also about safety and comfort. Skis that fit well give you more control and stability and the skiing experience is also exceptional. Optimal size also means optimal performance and I am happy to be able to rely on ski sizing. Anyone who has ever been on the wrong ski size knows how unpleasant that is. With just a few clicks, this challenge is reliably a thing of the past!

Lisa Schrankl
fast on slopes and working at Radlabor

We have already proven that our sizing system not only works when buying bikes online and offline, but also brings measurable success. But why stop there and not use the technology for other purposes as well?

That's what we did! Together with the ski experts from SCOTT, our employees from Radlabor and Smartfit, we launched the first of its kind ski sizing widget to the market. After a successful first season, we can now summarize our first results!

  • ~4 MSkies sold in 2022/23
  • ~11%Returns regarding the wrong size
  • ~16%Market share sports equipment 2022/23

What can we promise online stores?

  • Increased sales through more satisfied customers: Our software enables people to find the perfect ski size, which leads to happier shoppers. Satisfied customers are more likely to buy more and stay loyal to your store.
  • Reduce returns and exchanges: With our software, you minimize the number of returns and exchanges due to incorrect sizes. This leads to more efficient logistics and lower costs.
  • Strengthening the brand image: By offering innovative solutions like our software, you emphasize your commitment to customer satisfaction and technology. This helps to build a positive brand image, attract new customers and increases customer retention.
  • Competitive advantage: Our software sets your online store apart from the competition. Shoppers will appreciate the convenient and accurate sizing, which leads to a competitive advantage.
  • Data-based insights: The software provides valuable data on which ski sizes are most in demand. These insights can be incorporated into stock planning and help to optimize the product range.
  • Easy integration: Our software can be seamlessly integrated into existing online store platforms. Implementation is straightforward and requires minimal resources.
  • Customer loyalty through personalized recommendations: Our software offers the ability to make personalized recommendations based on customers' preferences and driving style, which strengthens customer loyalty.

How are we able to do that?

With our proven online sizing widget, try it right here!

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