Sizing from the vending machine

If you cannot buy what you are looking for, you will quickly search and find it on a different online shop!

The question of the perfect frame size can be compared to a candy vending machine. There are countless possibilities and no one helps you make the right decision.

Those who can deliver these right answers bind buying people to themselves and their product. "This bike in the size offered fits me perfectly, I'll buy it right now!" Minimizing your bounce rate is the key to more conversions in eCommerce!

Our data analysis of the last few years has shown that it is on weekends and especially on Sundays that the demand for onlinesizing, i.e. for correct answers, is at its highest. Exactly then, when no one else can help, our Onlinesizing helps and gives the right answers completely autonomously!

Japanische Vending Machines
  • ~30%More sizings on weekends
  • €~1,370Shopping cart value "bikes" on Sundays
  • ~4%More conversions
Auszug aus Smartfit Analytics
Auszug aus Smartfit Analytics

Online Sizings April 2023

Online sizings are in high demand on weekends and especially on Sundays. This is where customers take the time to look for and research the bike they want.

Online Sizing as easy as never before!

Anyone who confronts buyers in the decision-making process with the task of finding the right frame size from complex-looking graphics will have to reckon with a high bounce rate. Our online sizing is not only very precise and intuitive, but also takes into account any riding style. Try it out directly below!

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We solve the question of the right frame size around the clock!

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