Ski Sizing

High Performance Equipment deserves perfect sizing.

Our Smartfit Sizing takes the hurdle of sizing advice and is the perfect digital tool for any ski online store.

The advantages of our solution

  • Easy integration into any store environment
  • Intuitive usability in the frontend
  • Customizable design
  • Control via API

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Color Scheme

"Please select ski size", but which?

This is exactly the question that the majority of customers ask themselves when shopping online. What seems to be clear to experienced ski enthusiasts is a real hurdle for the majority of users. After all, it's not just body dimensions that are decisive for the new skis of their dreams; skiing style and skill level are also key factors.

Reduce friction - increase conversion

Flying' over the snow with the perfect ski - to make this dream come true you need an individual equipment set-up. And that starts with the purchase and the question of size.

If you help your customers buy the right products in the right size for their needs, you'll enjoy long-term satisfaction and brand loyalty. Digital advice and support during the customer journey is a game changer online. Intuitive sizing is worth its weight in gold for customers and also increases conversion.

  • 50+ MSizings
  • ~20%Increased conversions up to
  • ~30%Less returns

Yes we can, but why?

For more than 20 years, we have successfully answered the question of the perfect frame size on a bicycle and the corresponding seating position. We come from science, are ergonomics experts & outdoor sports enthusiasts. Optimal outdoor equipment in the right size - that is our mission. Our award-winning Bike Online Sizing is the market-leading sizing tool for online stores and manufacturers in the bike industry. Over 50 million delivered sizings speak for themselves.

Beispiel Code um Ski Sizing einzubinden

Great Developer Experience

Developers love Smartfit! Top documentation and implementation with only a few lines of code.

Technical details

In the simplest version you copy the embed code into the template of the product page, pass GTIN, product name and a URL to a product image and configure brand colors and API key.

And that's it! Promised ✌️

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