Latest sizing technology - Smartfit Q2

AI-based body tracking technology for an intuitive and perfect body scan - sizing can be this easy!

Discover the first sizing system of its kind.


Sizing with latest technolgy

  • No anatomical knowledge required
  • Automatic detection of all measuring points
  • Intuitive handling on the touch display
  • Accuracy +/- 2mm
  • Mobile tool with space saving footprint
  • 5Minutes to the optimal test drive
  • ~20%Increase sales thanks to sizing
  • 100%Security for team and buyers

Smart revolution in body measurement

The automatic AI-based tracking technology in the Smartfit software recognizes all relevant measurement points in seconds and thus delivers an optimal result for all employees. The technology independently captures all body details and movement points and provides a live virtual avatar of the person being measured. The determination of body lengths, which are crucial for bike sizing, are reliably detected with an accuracy of +- 1mm.

The body scan has never been so easy.


Body tracking measurement technology is a game changer. We are pioneers in the use of this technology in bike sales. Precise body measurement without anatomical knowledge is now possible. With the integration into our software, it has never been easier to determine the perfect bike for buyers.

Björn Stapelfeldt
CEO Smartfit & Radlabor

Introduce the latest sizing technology to your store

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