Smartfit Q2

Become a sizing and ergonomics expert with just one click. Sell only ergonomically optimized bikes, perfectly tailored to your customers' individual body types.

Save time, enhance your service, and focus entirely on closing deals.

AI based sizing

  • Save time - quick measurement and clear recommendations eliminate discussions
  • Let AI do the work for you and focus entirely on closing the deal
  • Mobile, space-saving, and flexible - ready for use when you need it.
  • Empower your team to become ergonomics experts with just one click
  • 5Minutes to the optimal test drive
  • ~20%Increase sales thanks to sizing
  • 100%Security for team and buyers

  • Do you want to sell bikes with even more service? With optimum ergonomics advice, but without having all the geometry data in your mind? Then the Q2 is your system. Rely on the AI-based body measurement and find the right bike straight away with the Smartfit software.

    Björn Stapelfeldt
    CEO Smartfit
  • Impress as a sizing expert. The AI-based technology for biomechanical pose detection will do the work for you. Only sell bikes that fit your customers' individual bodies and are ergonomically optimized. The integrated software uses a scientific algorithm and the largest database to immediately calculate the right model size and the best ergonomic riding position.

    Andreas Bruch
    Head of R&D

Smart revolution in body measurement

Thanks to AI-based body tracking technology, you will measure all body data in seconds and with millimeter precision, without any physical contact. Anatomical expertise is not required; the integrated Smartfit software instantly calculates the appropriate model size and the most ergonomic seating position, thanks to a scientific algorithm and extensive database.

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