Recommendation Engine

In recent years, we have learned to live with alternatives. For example, a 160 cm tall woman cannot find the bike below in her size after entering her measurements. Instead of searching in other stores for the right bike, our Smartfit Recommendation Engine automatically displays a selection of comparable and immediately available alternatives from your store!

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Less bounces, more conversions!

With the Recommendation Engine you prevent bounces due to unavailable bikes. Our experience shows that with the help of the displayed alternative from our software, the conversion can be increased by up to 2%. Even without the immediate sale of another bike, you ensure that prospects stay on your site and make another click in the store. No more bounces due to delivery bottlenecks means more customer loyalty and significantly higher sales opportunities.

  • 2%+More Conversions
  • ~20%Less Bounces

Customers are enthusiastic!

Elisabeth Egerter

Thanks to the shown alternatives I did found the perfect bike in my size, great!

Elisabeth Egerter
Customer at

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