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It's a match! - Enter your height, inner leg and arm length and desired riding style and get an instant recommendation for the right size. A perfect match: individual body data linked to the world's most extensive and constantly updated bicycle database with data records from over 200,000 bicycle models and over 100 manufacturers - a modern, intuitive and precise solution to the question of sizing.

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  • 7+ Msized people
  • 45+ Monline sizings
  • 75%market share in europe
  • 30%less returns
  • ~4%conversion increase up to
  • 99.99%online time

Individual facts and results thanks to prefered riding style feature!

From now on, the algorithm also includes the riding style preference for the individual recommendation of the appropriate frame size. our solution thus helps especially when between two frame sizes are recommended for a specific bike model with one's own body data. The calculation of the optimal frame size at Smartfit is already based on 40 individual body and bicycle geometry factors and is now enriched by the factor of riding style preference.

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Foto von Tim Gerster

I buy a lot online, but when buying a bike I was confused by the different frame sizes - sometimes size 'M', then '56cm' or even 'S2'. Luckily, the calculator always showed me the right size. My new bike feels fantastic!

Tim Gerster
Customer at FahrradXXL

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