Smartfit Q4

Precise laser technology, strong on the sales floor. Sizing and fitting in minutes.

Enables non-contact body scan and high-precision wheel measurement through laser technology. Delivers setting values and geometry data in three minutes. With the patented Smartfit Q4 you get high-tech at the point of sale and open up new revenue streams through bike fitting services. For specialist retailers who are looking for a professional measurement concept.

  • 7Minutes to the optimal test drive
  • ~20%Sales increase thanks to sizing
  • 100%Security for team and buyers

The professional system

  • Precise measurement thanks to high-precision laser technology
  • Platform for Body and Bikescan
  • Laser guided bike adjustment thanks to Smartfit software
  • The system for detailed ergonomics service

Successful with Smartfit Q4

  • Smartfit offers us above all the advantage of setting ourselves apart from our competitors. Before we talk to the customer about their dream bike, we do a body scan. That immediately creates a 'wow effect' because they don't know it from any other store in the region.

    Wolfgang Hohmann
    Wolfis Bikeshop Dubai
  • With Smartfit, we achieve safety on two levels: Both in consulting and with the customer. Price discounts are no longer a big issue, we were able to increase our gross profit by 3% within one year. Our regular customers actively recommend us because of our Smartfit Q4.

    Thomas Fuhr
    Zweirad Fuhr Sinsheim

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