Smartfit Q5

Video-assisted precise laser technology - SIZING and FITTING in a few minutes.

The system for those who want to get the most out of a sizing system. With the precise video technology of the Q5 and the proven technology of the Q4, BIKE FITTINGS can be made in addition to the perfect bike setup.

  • 7Minutes till test ride
  • ~20%Sales increase through sizing
  • 100%Confidence for sales persons

What makes the Q5 such a professional system?

  • Laser technology for bike and body measurement
  • 2D video systems for recording and analysis
  • Perfect evaluation with FITTING software
  • Quick adjustment of the bike thanks to position laser
  • Consideration of individual anatomy


Sizing and Fitting technology from professionals for professionals

The sizing & fitting system for professionals. Combines high-precision body scans and bike measurement by laser technology with dynamic video motion analysis. Shows the seat position live on the bike, enables biomechanical analysis and provides all adjustment values and geometry data.

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