Smartfit Q1

Camera-based body scan, fast and uncomplicated.

Enables a non-contact body scan at the wheel sale using photo technology. Delivers setting values and geometry data in three minutes. With the Smartfit Q1, you ensure reliable service, precise measurement, easy handling and, in combination with the large wheel database, intelligent sales support for all employees.

The sizing solution that impresses!


Photo based sizing

  • Non-contact measurement via high-performance camera
  • Intuitive operation on touch display
  • Impressive at the shop
  • Incl. laser meter for bike adjustment
  • 7Minutes to the optimal test drive
  • 20%+Increase sales thanks to sizing
  • 100%Security for team and buying end

Successful with Smartfit Q1

Competent and personal advice has become a real selling point in this day and age. With the Smartfit Q1, we have a fantastic opportunity to strengthen our competence with current technology and thus convince the customer.

Mario Müller
projekt:bike Nettersheim

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