Measurable success with Smartfit

Imagine a company providing you the perfect software solution for determining the right frame size when buying a bike in your online store. This solution is not only precise, but can also be expanded to include individual preferences in terms of riding style and, if the right bike is not available, it also shows buyers an available and comparable alternative.

Imagine that the same company now helps you do understand the customer journey and provides you with an extension to the software that allows you to measure the sales made thanks to said software - live!

Sounds too good and simple to be true? No, we have done it!

Smartfit Conversion Tracking

Smartfit Online Sizing provides size advice when buying a bike online and recommends the optimum fit based on body data and bike geometry 24/7. This makes it a central tool in many stores at a crucial point just before the new bike lands in the shopping cart. But there is even more data power behind the pure ergonomics recommendation in the backend.

Starke Software

With our conversion tracking, the success of Smartfit online sizing can be tracked individually for each store, making data quantifyable and transparent. Do shoppers decide on a bike with or without sizing and how does this relate to the sales price and total turnover? And if the Recommendation Engine is used in addition to sizing, its results also appear in the tracking analysis.

Track it Smart!

  • Make sales visible with and without sizing
  • Analyse funnels
  • Compare sales prices and revenues
  • Understanding the effect of the Recommendation Engine

Saving the best for last

Conversion tracking is free for all online sizing users and can be easily activated in the Smartfit Analytics backend.

Get to the numbers - track conversion - understand the customer journey - optimize conversion!

Start to measure your success now!

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