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We promote the joy of cycling and are proud to be involved in every second bike sizing worldwide. With our enthusiasm, our history and our focus on data and precision, we optimize our products and services every day. Our numbers speak for themselves.

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  • 60+ MOnline Sizings
  • 74%market share in Europe
  • 45+active countries
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  • 99.98%online time
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25 years experience

Since the foundation of Radlabor in 1997, we have been concerned with the further development of measurement methods and their translation into individual seating positions on the bike. Our origin is the Olympic Center Freiburg-Black Forest and the Sports Institute of the University of Freiburg.

As one of the first centers we dedicated ourselves to the optimization of seat positions, also called bike fitting, for top athletes. We have not only perfected measurement methods and systems, but also developed them ourselves.

Today we are able to advise everyone individually with our expertise, whether it is to reduce pain, to get more out of sports or to lose weight.
Smartfit combines scientific competence with years of practical experience from three own service centers in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt.

  • 1997

    Foundation Radlabor

  • Jan Ullrich


    a lot of research

  • 2007

    Foundation Bikefitting-Center

  • 2010

    Opening Radlabor Munich

  • 2011

    Product release Smartfit Q4

  • 2012

    Opening Radlabor Frankfurt

  • 2012

    Patent: Method for determining the individually optimal bicycle geometry

  • 2013

    Product release Smartfit Q1

  • 2016

    Start of development online sizing

  • 2017

    Product release Smartfit M1

  • 2017

    Product release online sizing

  • 2018

    Eurobike Gold Award

  • 2021

    Product release Recommendation Engine and Geometry Display

Data first

Smartfit Bikesizing systems help in bike sales and service. Our measuring technology is scientifically based and easy to use. Our fitting software and geometry data are always up-to-date - guaranteed by constantly updated online database.

With over 100 brands and 200,000 updated models per year, the Smartfit Bike database contains geometry data for truly every type of bike. From children's bikes to downhill bikes - and of course everything with an electric motor is calculated on the basis of the individual model.

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